A couple of opportunities came into my inbox today, and thought I would share.

One is for the Global Living Learning Community. This is for globally-minded students, who will reside together for a full academic year and commit to collaboratively explore two global themes: Global Health/Environment and Global Citizenship. There is a PDF (GV-Resident-Application-Flyer-19-20 ) and the deadline to apply is February 17th.

The other is for the annual Sleepin’ Deacon event. It is probably a surprise to no one that college students don’t get enough sleep. Here are a couple of facts related to college students:

Students rank sleep problems second only to stress in factors that negatively affect their academic performance

Students who are long sleepers (>9 hours) had higher GPAs than short sleepers (<6 hours). GPAs were 3.24 vs. 2.74 on average

50% of college students report daytime sleepiness

70% of college students report insufficient sleep

Sleepin’ Deacon is therefore an attempt to help students become more aware of good sleep hygiene and improve sleep practices. It is a fun, two week program (I’ve done it) and I hope many of our Deacs will do it too.

Remember: self-care is smart!


— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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