The last Friday

It is the last Friday of the semester, Deac families. If your students are still here, ZSR has them covered with Wake the Library and free food at midnight. On tonight’s menu: hot dogs, veggie burgers, and the ultimate comfort food – grilled cheese.

This is a reminder that residence halls close on Sunday, December 16th at noon. Be sure your Deacs take everything they need for break with them, as they will not be able to get back into the residence halls after noon.

It has rained much of today, and is cold and generally gross outside. This seems fitting weather for the end of finals. I strongly suspect it is hard for your Deacs to be in a good mood, because of the weather and the fact that they are tired.

So to boost the spirits, I am leaving you today with a little nostalgia. Cast your mind back to 1984. There was this one holiday song, a collaboration with many popular musicians, that became an anthem. Are you with me, Deac parents? Do you remember the song? Know what it is? (Inside Baseball tip: it features not one but two of my imaginary boyfriends).

May your Deacs power through and crush their finals, may they travel home safely, and may you survive the climb up Laundry Mountain 😉


— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94





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