I was talking to a student the other day about career discernment – how do you figure out what you might like (or what you would definitely NOT like) to do for your career. And we got talking about the idea of an externship, which is sort of like a short job-shadowing program, where a student can follow a professional around for a set period of time (a day or two, a week, etc.) to learn about what it is like to do that job.

Winter break is a great time for college students to do an externship, and one way students can find an externship is through using their families’ networks (or neighbors, friends in their home communities, etc.)  If a student should approach you about that kind of opportunity, it could be a really generous thing for you to help them. And if that is not possible, if you would be willing to have coffee or lunch with a student and talk about your career, that could also be helpful. No pressure, just think about it.

I also got an email about an expanded student opportunity. Project Wake (which is kind of like a book club – students read a book and then come together with a faculty or staff facilitator to discuss it) is coming back in January. We had offered Project Wake to incoming first year students only, but wanted to allow all students to participate no matter their year. The Project Wake book discussions all center on the theme of Character. If interested, your students can sign up here: https://advising.wfu.edu/project-wake-reverb/.

A reminder that the Lovefeast is on Sunday. Urge your Deacs to go! Alumni often wax poetic that the Lovefeast is one of the most beautiful services of the holidays. You can tune in to watch the livestream of it too!


— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94


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