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Our Office of Sustainability sent me this information for our November e-newsletter (which should go out later this week), but I thought it might be helpful to get this out to the Daily Deacdom as soon as possible:

“Is your student headed home for the holidays and looking to split the cost to the airport? Let’s Ride is a digital platform created by two Wake Forest entrepreneurship minors that connects students going to the airport at the same time. Its simple: Have your student head to our website and fill out the form to let us know when they would like to leave for the airport. Our algorithm matches users, cutting your costs and environmental impact to the airport by at least 50%.”

My disclaimer is that I have not used this service myself, so I can’t speak to it personally. Still, check it out if it is of interest.

If your Deac is planning on staying on campus for the Thanksgiving holiday, they will want to make note of campus dining hours of operation and plan accordingly.

For our P’22 (first-year families), a new Letters So Dear went out today to our first-year students. Here is an excerpt:

During my time here at Wake Forest, my life changed entirely just like most of yours will, whether you know it yet or not. You will meet and get to know people from places and backgrounds that you’ve never encountered. You will see things that you didn’t know were possible. During your time at Wake Forest you will overhear more than your fair share of ridiculous conversations as well as learn a wider variety of scholastic topics at a much more in-depth level than ever before.  You will have a chance to adjust your own hobbies, skills, morals, understanding, aspirations, and personality. And although it sounds different and maybe a little scary, it’s perfectly normalRead the full message here.

I also got information about our Kemper Scholars program, which is available to qualified first-year students:

Wake Forest University is honored to be part of the Kemper Scholars Program, which began in 1948.  The program combines scholarship aid, mentorship by James S. Kemper Foundation staff, and paid summer professional internship opportunities. The program’s goal is to help students with an interest in a career in business to develop leadership and professional skills through experience. Students planning to major in business, math, economics, and data analysis are encouraged to apply.  First-year fulltime students registered at Wake are eligible to apply for this program. See more details.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print, Deac families!


— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

Lets Ride car sharing service

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