Starting to feel like fall

Today is absolutely glorious. The temperature has dropped (thankfully) and it is just shy of 80 degrees. The sun is out, but the sky is peppered with some clouds so that helps to keep it feeling good. You can visit the Quad Cam and see the bottom left/center has a tree whose leaves are just starting to turn. Over the next few weeks, we will start to see the skyline change colors. I have no idea whether we got just the right amount of rain/proper temperatures this summer to make the fall colors be their brightest – but it will be fun to watch.

Your Deacs might have midterms or papers due this week, so there might be one last gasp of stress and pressure before they get a couple of days off for Fall Break. As a reminder, not every dining venue is open during break, and some have reduced schedules. If your student is staying on campus, they will need to be aware of the Fall Break Dining Hours and make plans accordingly, or use a Zipcar or Uber (or get a lift from a friend) if they want to hit the grocery store to stock up.

As always, there is a lot going on – and the Events calendar is one good place to visit. For example, did you know that Billy Joel will be here at our football stadium this Saturday for a concert? Or that the RA (Resident Adviser) application deadline is next week? Or that we will have Buddhist monks visiting soon and they will host a variety of talks and activities, one of which is a blessing of the pets? And it is Queer History Month and there are a ton of events sponsored. You get the idea. Encourage your Deacs to look at the Events calendar, as well as other offices and departments on campus that host events, to make sure they are able to sample as many bites from the Giant Wake Smorgasboard of things to experience.

Finally, I have no idea of one of the Daily Deacdom might be responsible for this, but wanted to share the great news that Wake has received an anonymous $10 million donation to benefit Magnolia Scholars, a group of first-generation students. This article is really wonderful in that it shows what the impact can be on Magnolia Scholars. So if someone reading here is Mr./Mrs/Ms./Dr. Anonymous, on behalf of the Daily Deacdom, I thank you for making such a transformational difference in the lives of our students!


— by Betsy Chapman

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