Ten things to do Family Weekend

Deac families – we are looking forward to your arrival for Family Weekend! Here’s my list of ten things you could consider doing while you are here. These are free, and require no tickets or registration.

  1. Take the walking path from campus up to Reynolda Gardens and Reynolda Village. Enjoy the gardens and the beautiful views.
  2. Look at the art in the Benson Center. The student art gallery buying trips have – for decades – built a stellar collection.
  3. Rock on the rocking chairs on the Mag Patio on the south side of Reynolda Hall.
  4. Walk between Magnolia and Dogwood residence halls and get a beautifully-framed picture of Wait Chapel.
  5. Be on the Quad at 5 pm to hear what the Carillon is playing.
  6. Swing on the tree swings on Davis Field near Scales Fine Arts Center.
  7. Walk through Undergraduate Research Day on Friday afternoon in the ZSR Library and see some of the amazing research that our students are doing.
  8. Go to Farrell Hall and sit outside by the fire pit.
  9. Spend a quiet moment in one of our contemplative spaces: Davis Chapel, Wait Chapel, or the meditation room on the 4th floor of the Benson Center.
  10. Read the personalized bricks in between Tribble Hall and the Benson Center and see messages from alumni and parents of years past.

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