Seen on campus

These photos are from yesterday. I had every intention of making the Daily Deac about them, but I got busy and looked up and it was after 5 pm (and past the Daily Deac mailing deadline). Ooops.

A day late, here are some photos that capture a few of the things your Deacs might be seeing as they walk around campus.

fall leavesFall leaves. They are starting.

Empty Farrell Hall living roomThe Farrell Hall living room first thing in the morning. Only 3 students when I was there at 7:45 am.

Bird ScooterBird scooters. Do they have these in your town? Rentable scooters for short term trips? They started popping up around Winston-Salem a few weeks ago.

Farrell Hall flowerbedsThe flowers outside of Farrell. Their landscape game is on point.

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