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Our August issue of the Wake Parents and Families enewsletter went out this morning, and in it was our new website about our parent/family communications philosophy and guidelines. In case you missed it in the e-news, I wanted to repeat it here.

A cross-functional team of colleagues developed this website to hopefully clarify what sorts of situations are communicated to parents and families about life on campus. As a mom myself, I know there is nothing more important than the safety and wellbeing of our students, and families understandably want to know when there are issues. As administrators, we have to be sure to uphold students’ privacy rights while also being as helpful as possible when parents and families have questions.

The bottom of the website details the specifics of how we communicate public health issues, crime and safety, even student deaths. I should also mention that this website does not represent a change in how and what we communicate to WFU families, as much as it does an opportunity to be more transparent and outline how we handle particular situations.

In student news, yesterday all undergraduate students received a message regarding the new Student Handbook and Bulletin. These new online resources are important additions for students. You can read that message here.

And this has no relation to Wake Forest at all, but it is a sad day that we lost Aretha Franklin, a towering voice in American music. Here she is with Natural Woman. What a voice…

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