In case you missed it: hometown boy makes good

ICYMI (in case you missed it), there was a fantastic story yesterday about our basketball star and local hero Chris Paul making a $2.5 million gift to the basketball program. It is a feel-good story through and through, and you can read it here.

Chris Paul is that rare megastar who is just as amazing off the court as on the court. He has remained passionately committed to the wellbeing of Winston-Salem and its residents, particularly children, ever since he left Wake. His generosity of his time, talents, and treasure is legendary.

While I have not seen him in many years, during his student days, when I was a young staffer, I met him and his folks a handful of times. They were a salt-of-the-earth family, and even though Chris was already predicted to be at the top of the NBA draft, he was unfailingly polite when he spoke to you: it was always yes, Ms. Chapman or no, Ms. Chapman Рnever any cockiness or attitude or entitlement. As we say in the South, his parents raised him right.

It’s a wonderful thing he has done to give back to the basketball program. CP3 – as he is affectionately known among alumni – always makes me proud to be a Deac.

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