Student Involvement Fair

Last day of vacay for me, so a final pre-posted blog. Today I’m putting a plug in for the Student Involvement Fair. Here’s the basics:

Student Involvement Fair
3:30 p.m.—6 p.m.
Manchester Plaza (Rain date: Thursday, Sept. 6, 3–5 p.m.)

What is it? The Student Involvement Fair is an event where all of our registered student organizations (some 180+ of them, last I knew), have tables on the Manchester Plaza (aka Mag Quad, closest to the first-year student residence halls). Students of all years can go from table to table to see what each group has to offer. If they like what they see, they can put their name on that group’s distro list and then they will begin to get emails about events or functions that group is holding.

Whether your Deac is a first year or a senior, the Student Involvement Fair is a great way to get involved in campus life and to make new friends. I highly recommend your students attend!

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