Step Counts – How Far Away Is…

I am out this whole week and thought I’d reprise some oldies but goodies. This one is about distances from upperclassmen residence halls. Enjoy!

One of the longstanding myths on campus is that Palmer and Piccolo residence halls are way, way, way farther out than any of the other halls, even the northernmost ones.  I walked from the very center of the main Quad to the upperclass residence halls (that are not on the Quad) to see if Palmer and Piccolo were really the farthest away.  Here’s what the Map My Walk app told me:

Center of Quad to Magnolia and Dogwood – .29 miles

map from the Quad to Magnolia and Dogwood









Center of Quad to Polo – .36 miles

distance from the Quad to Polo Hall









Center of Quad to North Campus Apartments – .44 miles

distance from the Quad to North Campus Apartments









Center of Quad to Martin – .51 miles

distance from the Quad to Martin









Center of Quad to Palmer and Piccolo – .38 miles

center of quad to palmer piccolo









All in all, it’s a pretty walkable campus. Hope this is helpful!

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