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I received this information below from one of my colleagues who works with WakeWare, our laptop program. For those of you who might be considering whether you want to purchase a WakeWare laptop vs. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), this may be helpful to you (note that if you go the BYOD route, please be sure your laptop meets the requirements needed for your Deac’s computing needs).

One of the biggest benefits of the WakeWare laptops are that we have an on-campus support desk that is there to help with students’ hardware and software issues, plus they have a great warranty program (even for things like accidental drops and screen cracks). In addition, if a WakeWare laptop needs a repair, a loaner laptop will be provided so that your Deac isn’t without a computer. You can browse the WakeWare website for more information or to see their FAQ.

Whether you choose to BYOD or go the WakeWare route is up to you. I just want to make sure you have access to the info to make an informed decision about what is best for your family 🙂


Order your WakeWare laptop online by August 1st if you are shipping it home before coming to campus. You are also able to purchase your WakeWare laptop at the WFU Campus Bookstore, located on Hearn Plaza in Taylor Hall when you arrive on campus. WakeWare, the Student Laptop Program, allows you to purchase a laptop that is guaranteed to work with all academic software, has educational-based pricing (for greater discounts), provides a loaner laptop in case repairs are needed, and has built-in accidental damage protection.

Dell has already announced a $100 rebate for purchases from June 1 until October 15th. There is always the possibility Apple will announce a Back-to-School promotion later this summer. Any information available about summer promotions will be posted on the WakeWare website.

Students who receive institutional aid from Wake Forest (athletic, merit, or need-based) may be eligible for a Technology Grant. Eligible students were contacted through their Wake Forest email in late May. Please contact the WakeWare Program Manager with any questions you may have at


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