Amazing opportunities: mentoring and academics

Today’s Daily Deac is about opportunities. The first is from my colleagues in the Office of Alumni Engagement and it is meant for any Daily Deacers who are still with us even after their students graduated:

We’ve launched the application for our Young Alumni Mentoring Groups. Young Alumni Mentoring Groups provide a unique opportunity for Class of 2015-2018 Wake Forest undergraduates to come together in a small group for facilitated conversation and to make meaningful connections about life and work. We’re hosting groups in Boston, New York, Raleigh, Washington, DC, and also online. We will be closing applications on July 23rd.  By the end of the program, each participant can expect to have:

A deeper understanding of personal values and how they impact decision-making

A broader network and community

A deeper understanding of personal strengths, interests, and goals

A plan for the next year to work towards career and life goals

So if you have Deacs who were ’15 through ’18 and they want to join a mentoring group, please share this with them.

The second opportunity we are featuring today is about the kinds of projects students can be involved in at Wake Forest. I got this from a proud Deac Dad (P’19), to share what his junior Biology major is doing this summer:

“Thought you might like some pictures from my son’s research project for the biology department.  He is spending 76 days on a remote island 50 miles off the coast of Belize researching the health of the coral reef as a means to potentially extrapolate the impact of global warming on the marine ecology.  There is no water, food, electricity or shelter on the island (which is smaller than a typical golf course).  He and 2 grad students live in tents and are dependent on the weekly provisions boat for water and basic food.  They have planted a series of underwater cameras around the reef and make 2 dives (scuba) a day to retrieve the data for their study. This is truly an experience of a lifetime and it was all made possible by the opportunities WFU affords its’ students to step ‘outside the box.’ The attached pictures are the view of his front yard and his back yard (from his tent).”

What an extraordinary, lifechanging project! Another fine example of how Wake students can get involved in research with their faculty members and have amazing mentored experiences.

Wishing ’19 (and his compatriots) smooth sailing for the rest of their project and safe travels home!

Remote island off of Belize for a biology summer project Summer 2018 biology project off the coast of Belize


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