The hidden nooks and crannies of ZSR

Wandered down to the ZSR Library midday with my hopeful Class of ’27 Deac, who wanted to wander around to every floor and examine every nook and cranny. We stumbled upon a couple of little-known places and spaces and thought it might be fun for the Daily Deacdom to see these things.

The first is the graduate student study carrels. These are tiny rooms – bigger than an airplane bathroom, about the size of a small closet – that grad students can reserve for the academic year to study; since grad students don’t have rooms in residence halls unless they work for Wake, they need to have some private space for studying. Normally these are locked rooms, but we found one that was unlocked. As you can see, there is a tiny metal desk, a chair, bookshelves and a light. Not fancy, but if you put your headphones in and shut the door, you can get a lot of work done. Not for the claustrophobic, though.

study carrels in ZSR study carrels in ZSR study carrels in ZSR

Went to the walkway between the old and new sections of the ZSR to get a good shot of the crowd in the atrium. Obviously it is quieter during the summer than it is during a normal semester. Still, we had a good handful of students down there.

view from the walkway in ZSR library

This next spot is not hidden – I just love it. There is a nook in the English lit section of ZSR that has comfy couches.

the comfy chair seating area near the English Lit section of the ZSR

Finally, a big mystery. There was this odd looking flap in the wall that was welded shut. It has a tall ship imprinted into the metal – just seemed very out of place. As luck would have it, I ran into one of my ZSR pals, who explained to me that years ago this had been a trash chute that led to a furnace. Long after the furnace was in use, people still tried to put trash in there, so they had to seal it up.

the inexplicable tall-ship-imprinted former garbage chute in the ZSR

There’s your ZSR trivia of the day. Enjoy!

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