Sod the Quad!

New sod laid on the Quad where the Commencement tent had beenToday you get a few pics of projects on campus. One of which I stumbled upon this morning – the laying of new sod where the Commencement tent had been. If you look at this screen grab of the Quad Cam, as you face Wait Chapel you can see a brownish patch at the lower right hand side of the grass near the chapel steps (click the picture to enlarge). That is the side that had not yet been sodded.

With construction taking place in Davis and Taylor, there is all kinds of black construction fencing around the Quad. However, once you get on the Kitchin-Poteat side of the Quad, things look great. I was especially taken by this flower bed. I tell you, our landscaping game is strong. See the pics below.

Finally, I have had a few questions from incoming families about the format of New Student Receptions. Typically most receptions last a couple of hours, and the normal flow is that we allow the beginning of the reception for mixing and mingling so students and their parents can get to meet each other. Once it looks like most guests have arrived (normally 30-45 minutes after the event starts), we have a brief informal program with Wake Forest staff and some upperclass students. We offer some advice for how to get your best start at Wake, offer an opportunity for Q&A, etc. These events are very flexible – so if you have to arrive late or leave early it is OK – we welcome you for any/all portion of the reception. Hope that helps our P’22s know what to expect.

Enjoy your hump day, Deac families. We’re at the midpoint of the week, so finish strong!

Sod for the Quadconstruction fencing on the Quad as Taylor and Davis Halls are renovatedSide view of Davis Hall renvoationsFLower bed near Poteat Hall.

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