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The Daily Deac is naturally a little slower in the summer. With most of our students gone for the summer, there is not as much news and campus life to share.

Fear not, Deac families! Here are a few hidden gems on our website that I hope you might enjoy. The first is from our president, Dr. Hatch. He gave a very thoughtful speech at Commencement entitled Both…And, which talks about the need for us to listen and understand opposing viewpoints – both so we can clarify our own thinking and so we can connect and agree with others whenever we can instead of staying in our fractured tribes. It is a very good read, a call for civility and conversation, and I recommend it to you highly. He also sent an email to the campus community about this very topic.

Next up: I found this great web gem thanks to our friends at the ZSR Library. It’s a history of the university, the WFU Timeline. You can click on various years (or use the arrow buttons on the large pictures) to learn more.

The history of the school really is fun. Did you know that when we were founded we were the Wake Forest Manual Labor Institute? And that students were required to perform 3 hours of manual labor each day? Or that students had to supply their own axe, hoe, sheets, and towels?  This is not one of my patented Daily Deac April Fool’s Day jokes, it’s legit. Facts like this – and more – are all revealed in the WFU Timeline.

And a final web gem: in case you missed it, some of my intrepid colleagues put together a little 30 second look back at this past year. If you want to relive some of what your Deacs did this past year – or for our new P’22 families, see what might be in store – then this video is for you.


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