Reading Day

Today is a ‘Reading Day’ for exams, which means that there are no final exams scheduled today, instead students get a break to study, write that last paper, work on that final project. Then finals run tomorrow (Weds) through Friday, and then everyone takes a big sigh of relief and heads home, or heads to the beach.

It’s always a strange feeling on campus when the semester is about to end. You can tell by the parking lots – very easy to find a space today – and it will get easier as the days go by and more and more students depart. Some of the other signs of end of semester are the recycling stations by the residence halls, the relatively grungy clothes students wear (comfort is king!), and the pristine condition of the Quad as we prep for Commencement. My advice every year to students is this: walk barefoot on the Quad grass right before Commencement. The grass is the thickest, plushest, and best feeling in the week or two leading up to Commencement.

In other news:

We got some information from The Howler (our student yearbook) about how families can order a yearbook for their students.

Our parent and family calendar is now available online! While this is primarily geared towards P’22 first-year parents (with a bunch of dates and deadlines this summer as we approach Orientation), it may be helpful to P’21s, ’20s, and ’19s. You can bookmark it or download it if you wish. (Note: new ’22 students will be getting mailed a copy of the Forestry 101 Orientation manual sometime next week, with a print copy of the calendar; my apologies that we can’t do a print calendar for every parent year.)

And if you are a new P’22 and you have not discovered the Parents and Families section of the New Students website, do check it out!

To close out this quiet Tuesday, because it’s Finals Week, how about a meme or two? Laughter is the best medicine. Finals week meme

Finals week memes

Deluxe 12 Memes And Tweets For Final Exams

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