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For those P’22 (parents/family members of the Class of 2022), wanted to let you know that the New Students web site is live. The bulk of the web site is naturally for your students, but we do have a Parents and Families section. Please make special note of the due dates and deadlines (scroll down) and be sure to click through the various sections. Note that there will be some new content coming in the next few weeks – particularly dates for our New Student Receptions. And if you are a parent of a rising sophomore, junior, or senior, I am always looking for upperclassmen/women to attend the New Student Receptions!. They can fill out this form to let us know if they are interested,

As I continue my travels, I particularly loved this picture. It shows part of our Pro Humanitate mission to serve.  This is the barn at the Campus Garden.

The barn at the Wake Forest campus garden

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