It’s getting real

First of all, a belated happy Mother’s Day to all our Deac moms, step moms, grandmothers, aunts, and special ladies who are what I colloquially refer to as ‘chosen family’ (as opposed to biological family). For all the wonderful women that have a positive and loving influence on our Deacs, we salute you!

Second of all, it is hot as blue blazes, as my P’92 would say. Winston is in the midst of a heat wave – in the low 90s – which is crazy for May.

Finally, Commencement is one week away! Wow! Preparations to erect the Commencement tent are underway, and if you are the type who enjoys watching things get built, the Quad Cam can give you a look at the progress that is being made. One of the greatest parts to watch is the surgical precision with which they create the rows of chairs. They are so even and so perfect – measured out by rope lines and all. The Quad Cam is too far away to pick up that level of detail most likely, but you’ll see the end result.

Here are some pics I snapped this morning of the building supplies and equipment that go into the Commencement tent. The parking lot between Kitchin and Poteat Halls is chock full of stuff.

Commencement tent supplies are being unloaded in the parking lot and moved to the Quad



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