Recycle and Donate

As we close out this week, we have news your Deacs can use. Move-Out is rapidly approaching, and that means that students will start to cull their various and sundry possessions and decide they no longer want some of them. In the spirit of Pro Humanitate, they can do some good with their unwanted items and help their fellowmen and women out in the process.

Our excellent Office of Sustainability makes it easy for your Deacs to donate. Here is some information below. Please do encourage your students to be a Move-Out Champion!


Be a Move-Out Champion and donate your unwanted goods



Be a Move-Out Champion! Encourage others to donate their unwanted books, furniture, clothing, and other items during Move-Out this spring.

In 2017, over 42,000 pounds of clothing and other essentials went to those in need in the local community, an increase of more than 10,000 pounds from the previous year. Help us divert even more items from the landfill in 2018!

Below are common items that come out of dorm rooms each year and the appropriate collection locations for each. A complete list of all collection locations can be found on the Office of Sustainability’s website.

Small item collection




Bulky item collection




special situations







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