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If your Deacs didn’t tell you, it SNOWED over the weekend. We woke up with a dusting on Sunday and it was gone really quickly. But STILL.

The weather was nicer today and I had a meeting in the ZSR Library, so I took a stroll around campus and snapped some pics of what your Deacs might have been seeing today. I didn’t take pictures of things if a bunch of students were in frame, so I will tell you some of the other stuff I saw: girls walking a dog on the Quad, students swinging on the swings near Scales Fine Arts Center, another couple of people (at least one looked like a student, but one might have been older) who had a handful of small dogs that were doing frisbee-dog work, a bunch of folks enjoying what looked like a lively conversation out on the bistro tables on the Quad, and a very very very busy ZSR Starbucks with a line that snaked up the stairs.

The overall message of the photos below:

Trees are in bloom everywhere

Students can register to vote, or to run a 5K, or can see signs explaining the value of our trees

Facilities has laid down straw and grass seed in places where it has been muddy and traffic wore down the existing grass

The ZSR Starbucks baristas missed your Deacs over spring break

The game cart is out on the Quad

The Benson Center is sporting a nice banner about a health professions event

Last and certainly not least, the Lilting Banshees [student comedy troupe] is offering a show that is billed as PANTS DOWN on the Scales Fine Arts Center marquee (I admit I am both intrigued and a little nervous at once)


Blooming trees on campusBlooming trees on campusBlooming trees on campusSigns seen on the QuadSigns seen on the QuadLilting Banshees show, "PANTS DOWN" being advertised at Scales Fine Arts CenterInformational sign about treesHealth Professions banner on the Benson Center



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