What Your Deacs Are Seeing

I happened to be on the Quad this morning and in the Benson Center. Here’s a glimpse at some of the signs and advertisements your Deacs are seeing.

Lots of great movie options to see, body positivity events, lectures and drop-ins. Your students will have many things to take advantage of if they choose.  The movies offer *free popcorn* – what is not to like???

In terms of what your Deacs are feeling: it is the pinch of midterms, so many of them are probably feeling stressed, overwhelmed, snippy, weepy, [insert your adjective here]. Some of you may be on the receiving end of the “frantic phone call” – and if so, take a deep breath, offer support, help your Deac to keep things in perspective. A lot of those times, the crisis goes away on its own with a good night’s sleep and some time. And if you are concerned that it is something more serious, talk to your Deac and urge him to get some support (from their RA, chaplain, University Counseling Center, Student Health if it is physical, etc.)

And a note on the weather: it was shockingly cold this morning, in the 30s, with frost on the ground. A fair number of your Deacs did the same thing I did and miscalculated, thinking it was going to be warmer than it was. High today is supposed to be 60, but it sure was a chilly morning.

Speaker event poster

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