For those with high school students

Happy Monday, Deac families!  It’s been a grey and drizzly morning and I have been jammed in meetings and other things, so today will be a quick blog.

While most of the time we talk about the smorgasbord of bites we hope your students will sample freely, today we have a nibble just for you.

For those of you with high schoolers, wanted to mention our esteemed (and growing) number of summer immersion programs for high schoolers.  The Summer Immersion Program offers a number of different tracks, both in Winston-Salem and in Charlotte, across a wide variety of disciplines. This gives students a taste of the college experience and allows them to experience either residential living, or a day program. The Summer Immersion Program has a comprehensive website you can explore. My Class of ’27 Deac is too young for this yet, but if you are like me and are searching for answers to “What will my child do this summer?” this is an excellent starting place. Check it out if it is helpful.

And when it is grey and gross outside, sometimes a little positivity is in order. Found this site on Instagram – here are some pick me ups that you might suggest to your Deacs if they are feeling the blahs from this weather.

Stress Reliever suggestions


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