You Can’t Always Get What You Want

You can’t always get what you want.  But if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need” – the Rolling Stones

Today’s Daily Deac is about what some college students think they want vs. what they might need.

Think they want: tons of friends
Really need: at least one friend they can rely on for anything.  If you have more friends, it’s a bonus, but one or two good friends is still fine.

Think they want: acceptance from everyone else
Really need: to accept themselves for who they are. Ultimately, you have to live for you, not for other people’s opinions.

Think they want: easy classes
Really need: classes that make them think and that challenge them. We grow muscles through use, not inertia. Same for intelligence. An easy A doesn’t make for a strong mind.

Think they want: to be among friends who are like them
Really need: some friends who are very unlike them and who can challenge their thinking, assumptions, etc.

Think they want: absence of conflict/drama/hardship/failures
Really need: some opportunities to practice handling problems and conflicts, or to have a failure of some sort. Again, we grow those skills through use.

Think they want: to look a certain way (whatever they believe ‘beautiful’ or ‘handsome’ is)
Really need: to cultivate a beautiful interior – through kindness, compassion, and love. A beautiful spirit shines through and makes you beautiful. Being comfortable in your skin is a gift.

The Daily Deac will be off Monday and Tuesday because I’ll be at a conference. Have a great weekend, call your Deacs this afternoon, and we’ll see you back next Weds.


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