First Day Back for Us

Today is the first day that administrative offices are open on campus after the Winter Break. No more pajamas and couch time for us, it’s back to real adulting 🙂

As in so many other parts of the country, campus is freezing cold. I mean, really and truly cold, hurts-the-inside-of-your-nose-when-you-go-outside cold. That said, I won’t get into a ‘where is it colder?’ contest, because I know our Deac families in Chiberia, Minnesnowta, and all the other frigid places are dealing with much worse temperatures. Still, for Winston it is terribly cold – so much so that local public schools have already called a 2-hour delay for tomorrow so the school kids who have to wait for the bus or walk to school are not out in the worst of it.

With the New Year, many of us are trying to make resolutions, often to do healthier things. One of our faculty members recently published a study about how older adults can lose weight the right way. Granted that this study was about seniors, so older than our typical Daily Deacers, but still good info to know, whether it is for you or a GP Deac (Grandparent of a Deac) looking for a New Year’s resolution.






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