5 Adjectives

Today has been jammed so instead of a Five Senses post, figured I’d try five adjectives:

Slick – this morning campus woke up to frozen ground and some slippery spots. There was a lot of rain in the last day or two, and all that moisture froze overnight. (Looking at my deck this morning, it seemed like a flock of pigeons dirtied it all at once, but it was just clumps of ice.)

Windy – early in the day there was a strong whistling wind. Temps are cool today too, high in the upper 30s.

Hurried – due to the weather, students all seemed in a hurry to get from Point A to Point B.

Harried – tomorrow is the last day to add a class, so for any students whose schedules are not 100% finalized, they might be feeling a pinch to get their schedules set. (Reminder: The Office of Academic Advising is there to help students who have schedule concerns – so use that resource!)

Super – OK, I am fudging on this one, but tomorrow morning we are supposed to have both a blue moon (the 2nd full moon in a month) and a supermoon. Supposedly around 6:45 am we will be able to see a very big, bright, and reddish looking moon. While I am not optimistic that the majority of our students will be up at that hour, maybe a few of you have early birds who might enjoy it 🙂





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