Mystery Scrabble

It’s Thursday – the home stretch for the week. And it is a lovely day today – cool in the morning, but sunny. It was cold enough to need a jacket, but if you stay outside long enough you can shed it.

Lights being wound around Quad trees in preparation for the Lighting of the Quad Was up on the Quad earlier today and thought I’d show you a glimpse of what your Deacs are seeing. The most exciting part for me was to see our folks from Facilities putting up lights in the trees. On December 5th we will have the Lighting of the Quad, which is a wonderful festive event, described as follows:

Each year the Wake Forest community joins together to celebrate this spirit with students, faculty, and staff at Lighting of the Quad, a tradition that has continued to mark a formal celebration of the holiday season with friends and the campus community.

Attendants of the event come together for an evening of a cappella music, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and cookies with the purpose of creating a sense of belonging. In addition to the musical performances and a special speaker, this night is the official lighting of the quad and the Tree of Unity.

It really is beautiful once the Quad trees are all lit and there are holiday decorations. In addition to the giant Moravian star that goes on the front of Wait Chapel, typical holiday decor includes a big menorah and a Christmas tree outside Reynolda Hall.

Secrest Artists Series signInternational Education Week signAlso seen on the Quad today: signs for the Secrest Artists Series performance tonight (your Deacs should go!), a sign about International Education Week, and this puzzling thing – a cement slab with Scrabble tiles on it.

Mysterious Scrabble tile cement slab seen on the QuadI have NO IDEA what the Scrabble tiles are for, but this is not the only one I’ve seen on campus. I’ve seen one outside of Alumni Hall, and a student has told me that there have been (are?) ones at the ZSR Library and also near Magnolia or Dogwood Halls.

Speaking of students, I had the chance to talk to a student today and asked a few questions – just to give you a student perspective. These are quick hits, so here goes:

What’s the mood on campus?
Students are looking forward to Thanksgiving break. People aren’t quite stressed so much now – that will be closer to finals.

Are you going to the Wake-NC State game this weekend?
Yes. People seem excited about it.

[I broached the subject of Senior Fifth, that terrible student tradition that we are working so hard to encourage students to reject. My source tells me that they talked to a friend about it and that the senior was not planning to try and drink a whole fifth (who can???). It’s not necessarily about doing it, so much as just celebrating that game [with a much lower level of alcohol than a fifth).]

Where off campus do you and your friends like to go to eat?
Village Juice, Carving Board, Whole Foods, Zoe’s Kitchen

Any truth to the rumors that students are starting to get sick?
I think they are more likely to get sick now that it is getting colder.

What are you looking forward to about Thanksgiving break?
Fall break was relatively short, but Thanksgiving break you are home for close to a week. Which is a lot nicer.

At Winter Break, will there come a point where – as much as you are happy to be home with family – you are eager to get back to campus?
That will probably happen – probably right after the holidays, maybe in the last week before we come back.

Many thanks to my source for their insights 🙂