Channeling Seattle

We are channeling the Pacific Northwest the last few days. We’ve had a light rain/mist that has been near constant, and it finally feels cold (well, cold for here. It was 48 at lunch). But the dreary and the grey are starting to wear on me.

In addition to our crummy weather, I’d be willing to bet a good many of our Deacs are feeling stressed right now because this week has been course registration.  For our juniors and seniors it may not be as big of a deal, since they are all presumably well into their majors. But for our first-years and sophomores, I suspect they are feeling pressure about trying to get into a particular class they want/need. or trying to get a specific professor or specific time. And there is the everpresent and looming worry of “what will I major in?” My sense is that the worry is less that they will dislike that major, and more that by choosing X major, they may be making a decision that cattle-chutes them into a specific career or life path forever. As I tell the students I meet, there are very few choices you can make that have Forever impact.

So deep breaths, Deacs! And deep breaths, Deac families if you are hearing from stressed out students. Some of this conflict and confusion is part of the process of becoming an adult and learning to make decisions and live with consequences. Your students will muddle through it, same as you and I did when it was our turn to make big decisions.

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