Big Weekend, Short Week

It’s a short week here, with many students soon to depart for Thanksgiving.  (Short week for me too, so no Daily Deacs this Wednesday through Friday.)

The biggest stories my colleagues were talking about this morning were the two huge games for our Deacs: football on Saturday, and men’s soccer on Sunday.  Football in particular was a great game, and it was neck in neck much of the time, and then the last 5 or so minutes of the game were just absurd. Close to the end of the game, we were up by 6 points but NC State was marching down the field to what everyone thought/feared would be a sure fire touchdown. And then we forced a fumble near the goal line to rob State of the points. They did a Hail Mary pass at the very end of the game that we intercepted for the win. So we won a triumphant game with a score of 30-24. Read all the details here.  The Quad got a terrific rolling – sadly I have no good pics of it to share with you.

Then on Sunday our men’s soccer team went neck in neck with Columbia. We were scoreless until almost the last minute, and a foul put us up for a penalty kick. My guy Jon Bakero nailed it and took us for the win. You can read more here.  Suffice to say, it was jubilation on campus for all our sports fans.

In terms of other news, this morning was around 30 degrees and there was frost on the ground when I got to the office. It was a windy weekend and very cool, and a lot of the remaining leaves from the trees came down like it was a ticker tape parade. Very beautiful to watch.  And though I missed last week having a new Message for First Year Families, we do have a new one up today.

Hope you are all prepping for your Deacs’ return and that you’ll have a wonderful Turkey Day together!

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