Today I took one for the team

So today I took one for the Daily Deacdom by road testing one of the services our Thrive office offers: massages.  This is a relatively new service, and I am not sure all our Deacs know about it, which is why I wanted to try it out.  (OK, that is only half true. I love a good massage and wanted it for myself!)  But in all seriousness, your students can get a professional, high-quality, one-hour massage (tailored to your preferred style/amount of pressure/level of modesty), for the unbelievably low price of $50. That is cheaper than any good spa I’ve ever been to in Winston-Salem.

My massage therapist was Curtis, and he was incredible.  The massage room is set up like any other you might find in a spa: comfortable massage bed (with heated blankets if you wish), dim lights, soothing music. Prior to beginning, Curtis talked me through any potential issues I was having, asked questions about my preferences for deep tissue vs. Swedish, etc., and he tailored his treatment to my specifications.

During the treatment, I could not have been more relaxed or comfortable if I tried.  I cannot say enough good things about Curtis’ skill as a massage therapist. He really was fantastic.  And to be honest, the rest of my day has been a lot cheerier and more productive because my head and my body are both feeling great right now. So thank you, Curtis!

So, if your Deacs want to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to get some much-needed relaxation, stress relief, and self-care, they can go online with their WFU login and password and sign up.  I should note that you pay at the time you schedule the appointment.  So while your student has to sign him/herself up, if you wanted to ‘treat’ your student you could always send them a check to reimburse for it.  This might make for an excellent gift for a birthday, or just if your Deac is needing a little pampering, pre-finals stress reliever, etc.

I have not tried the other massage therapist personally (yet!) so I cannot speak to that experience. What I can say is that knowing my colleagues in the Thrive office as I do, the services they provide are top-notch, so I am sure both are fantastic.

That’s my tip for this Black and Gold Friday: the massages are the real deal.

And as always, call your Deacs today and tell them you love them 🙂

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