Rethinking Community

Today’s Daily Deac shares some information from the Pro Humanitate Institute.  Whether your students want to get involved in the Student Hub, or just want to hear some of the speakers, this looks like a wonderful opportunity to be engaged with some of the tough questions and issues of our time.


Rethinking Community is a three-day conference hosted by the Eudaimonia Institute and the Pro Humanitate Institute of Wake Forest University. It is our response to a call by Provost Rogan Kersh, to convene our counterparts across higher education to grapple with the effects of living in a society more virtual, diverse, polarized, and global than ever. During this conference, we will bring together scholars, journalists, elected officials, community members, and public intellectuals from across the ideological spectrum for two days of courageous, robust engagement with the animating questions of our academic and political world. This conference is an opportunity to acknowledge, welcome, discuss, and debate our differing, often competing, viewpoints with vigor, intensity, and respect.

The Student Hub will take place in the afternoon of the first day of the conference (October 20th) in Farrell Hall. Student groups, organizations, and classes are asked to communicate their visions of community by responding to the prompt below. This communication may be through an academic poster, a demonstration, a piece of public art, or another format that you think is appropriate. The Hub will last from 2:15-3:15 where conference attendees will be invited to walk around and talk with each group about their vision(s) for community, much like in a poster session at an academic conference. To register to present as part of the Student Hub, students need to fill out this form.

PROMPT: Community is/Is community? We invite presentations from student groups and organizations that finish the sentence “community is ______” or ask the question “Is community ___________?” What practices have you seen, are involved in, or have dreamed up that declare, state, show, defend, articulate, or illustrate various ideas of what community is? What practices make you question, challenge, wonder, ruminate, ponder, or speculate about what community is? The conference planning team has limited resources to support these presentations.


— by Betsy Chapman

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