Gray and rainy

It is a gray and rainy day. Neither cool nor hot. But a fairly steady rain that is small drops and a misty feel. When the wind gusts, it blows some of the leaves out of the trees, so in moments of bluster it is like a ticker tape parade. I walked by a leaf on the ground that was such a bright color orange that it was almost unnatural looking – I thought it was fake. Not fake, totally real, beautiful, and spectacular. A rainy view from the Quad CamPlease note the gorgeous maple in the lower left of the screen grab.

There was an article I saw today from the New York Times written by a person teaching writing. She reflects on what she wished she’d done differently as a student, now that she is seeing life through the eyes of a faculty member. If you don’t have a subscription, the Times gives you a certain number of free articles a month if you want to read it.

Finally, on a grey day where motivation is hard to find, this week’s Message for First Year Families is related to procrastination. It’s about time management and overcommitment.  Enjoy!


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