Fast Facts about the Class of 2021

A sunny, wonderful QuadI don’t know if we have any La La Land fans out there, but their opening song “Another Day of Sun” has been running through my head all week, because it has been day after day of sun here. There will come a time later this fall when we get our fair share of rain, but for now the sun is here, and it is glorious.  Here is a screen grab from the Quad Cam – note the gorgeous reddening tree on the lower left, and the person with the white dog on the lower right.

Maybe another reason I am thinking of “Another Day of Sun” is because the song is all about the power of dreaming of something big, and getting back on your feet after a setback because (as Scarlett O’Hara famously said), tomorrow is another day.  College is a time for those dreams – and [occasionally] those setbacks.  That setback could be a bad test grade, or getting caught running afoul of the rules, or friend drama. All students are going to have those moments.

Today I got some statistics about the Class of 2021, our first-year students. They are at the front end of their college experience – and what an impressive lot they are.  Here’s a snapshot of the Class of 2021:

Total applied: 13,073

Total admitted: 3,604

Total enrolled: 1,350

Admit rate: 28%

Number enrolled Early Decision: 794

Gender breakdown: 45% men, 55% women

North Carolinians: 19%

Alumni children: 7%

Ethnic diversity: 29%

International students: 10%

Students in the top 5% of their class: 54%

Students in the top 10% of their class: 77%

Can’t wait to see what the Class of 2021 does over the next 4 years here!

The Office of Wellbeing is sponsoring a whole host of events this month that might be helpful. The “Budgeting Basics” one next Tuesday particularly caught my eye, but there are lots of good choices for programming.  See more here: Office-of-Wellbeing-October-Newsletter

Finally, I happened to see this wonderful piece of string art in the Alumni Engagement office. Clearly there are some crafty Deacs out there. (If I ever attempted such a thing, it would look like something out of the Pinterest Fail/Nailed It! memes you see online).string and nail art from the Alumni Engagement office


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