Five Senses of my morning walk across campus

I had a meeting early in the ZSR library this morning and thought I’d give you a few impressionistic snapshots of what I saw and heard on campus as I went, Five Senses style.

I saw…
– Poteat Field filled with shirtless guys playing something that might have been soccer.  By the time I got up the hill from Alumni Hall they were no longer running, but were all on one knee stretching.  The soccer practice field has been undergoing some turf renovation/replacement this summer, which is why I think it might have been our soccer team, but I cannot be certain.
– A cement mixer driving past the construction zone of Reynolds Gym, its cement holding tank spinning as it goes.
– The giant construction crane moving things over in the construction area by the Sports Performance Center.
– Lots of black all-weather fabric covering the chain link fence around the side of the Sutton Center and in front of the Kitchin-Poteat parking lot.
– A man in a food service uniform heading to work.
– A very fit young woman jogging on the loop of sidewalks outside the Quad.
– The biggest hosta plants I have ever seen – enormous! – outside the Deacon Shop.  (Why can’t I grow mine that big??)
– A red, male cardinal flying low and landing in a nearby tree.
– The beautiful spire of Wait Chapel. Need I say more?
I smelled…
– Freshly cut grass.
Freshly paved parking lot near Poteat and Kitchin halls– Tar, and it was horrible smelling.  They repaved the Kitchin-Poteat parking lot and from my peek over the fence, it looked really good. But it’s very stinky right now.
– Dustmost likely left over from yesterday when they were scoring the parking lot before paving.  I ran my finger over a black metal bench as I passed and it left a long line in the dust.
I felt…
– Cool air when I walked under the spaces where trees were providing some shade.
– Warm as soon as you stepped out into the sunny spots. Even in the morning, it was starting to feel hot.  (This is the August I am used to).
– Smooth new pavement when I stepped on one little corner of the new parking lot (outside the fencing).  It was flat and smooth and perfect.
I heard…
– Sirens in the distance.  Sounded like it was somewhere up University Parkway.
– The beeping of a construction truck in reverse – a high and regular beep – beep – beep.
– The sound of what is either a chainsaw or a weed whacker.
– A metallic sound of chains clanking coming from the construction area.
I tasted…
– A grande non-fat misto at Starbucks.  Delicious!
That’s your abbreviated Five Senses of my morning walk from Alumni Hall to the ZSR Library.
Make it a great weekend, Deac families!

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