Orientation advice from a P’19

We are a few short weeks from Move-In and Orientation, which is so exciting for all of us.  I received an email from a P’19 parent with some thoughts and advice about Orientation and the transition to college, which this parent gave me permission to [minimally edit] and share here.

If you want parent feedback for the value of the Parent Orientation, my spouse and I began our parental love affair with Wake Forest during Parent Orientation.  We went to every offering to learn as much as we could because our Deac’s college search had been 100% independent other than our on-site college visits together.

From President Hatch’s vision of Wake Forest, where we got to viscerally experience his leadership and character, to experience Andy Chan’s energy and enthusiasm about career options for our student, to being indoctrinated into the “Stop, Drop, and Roll” method, and hearing about the unique and intimate classroom experiences our student would be able to take advantage of that we realized just how right our Deac’s choice had been.  This was sorely needed in just a short time when we met back up with her on the Hearn Plaza for the family picnic.

When it came time for us to leave campus, we had full confidence – born from the Parent Orientation – that our child had picked the perfect place for her that only time and her own engagement would show her.  As with all freshmen, there were the normal struggles to find her niche on campus (and it took a little while), but find it she did and what a Deacon ambassador she has become!  And her parents too have become Deacon ambassadors – and all of that confidence started at the Parent Orientation.

So, P’21s – Go to EVERYTHING at Orientation!  As much as a parent encourages their student to jump in and experience all that they can, parents and families should take full advantage of the Parent Orientation for themselves. . . and OF COURSE sign up for the Daily Deac – daily reinforcement of the love affair!

Many thanks to you for your kind words and good advice, P’19 🙂


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