Advice for the upcoming school year

Because summer is a slow time for the Daily Deac, thought it might be fun to feature a few short but sweet pieces of advice for your Deacs for the upcoming school year.  As with all my advice, it is offered a) free, and b) on a use-it-if-you-need-it-ignore-if-not basis.  Here it is:

Find an adult who will be in your corner.

This can come in many forms – a faculty member whose class you have especially liked, a staff member you have come to know (or want to know), a Graduate Hall Director, a chaplain, etc.  But have at least one person you can go to when you need advice, when you have things you are trying to decide and need an objecting thinking partner – you get the idea.

It can be so helpful to have someone more mature, someone who knows Wake or knows Winston-Salem to be a resource when you need it.

It’s up to your Deac to decide if he/she needs this kind of relationship, to seek out the adult, and to cultivate the kind of engagement you want with that person.  During my years as a student here, I relied upon a faculty member I referred to (with his blessing) as my Dad Away from Dad, and was so happy to have him.

So this coming year, encourage your Deacs to consider finding this kind of resource.

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