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Y’all, it’s that time of year when I come to you talking money. You know I try not to do that only once or twice a year, but we are still 364 parent/family donors short of our goal for the Parents’ Campaign of the Wake Forest Fund, and part of my job is to encourage Deac families to support us.

Today is the BEST POSSIBLE DAY for you to make your gift, because an anonymous donor has said that if Wake can get 1,000 total gifts to the Wake Forest Fund today, June 6th, the donor will throw in $100,000.  So we are absolutely desperate to get those gifts in lest we lose $100K that could impact your students in a positive way.

Here is how it works: you make a gift to the Parents’ Campaign of the Wake Forest Fund – OF ANY SIZE – and our donor will add $100 to it if we can get 1,000 gifts in a day.  So please please, make a gift – whether it is $5 or $5 million – so we can reach that magic 1,000 gifts so we get our match.  You can give until 11:59 pm – doing it online is the quickest, but you can also call 800-752-8568.

I hope there are 364 of you in the Daily Deacdom who will do me a personal favor and make a gift so we reach our donor goal for the Parents’ Campaign, and we’ll look to Wake alumni to make up the other 600+ gifts we need.

Thank you in advance for helping us get there!


It’s a great day to change a few lives. For the next 24 hours, the Wake Forest Fund will receive an additional $100 for any gift you make to the Wake Forest Fund. That’s right – ANY AMOUNT. A $25 gift is a $125 gift, a $50 donation is a $150 donation – all thanks to an anonymous donor who’s betting you won’t leave money on the table.

The Wake Forest Fund directly supports the student experience through funding opportunities such as mentored research, student-specific programming, clubs and intramurals, technology upgrades and so much more. We hope you will consider making a gift (at any amount!) today to help us seize this special opportunity. Thank you for your support.

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