Summer Study Abroad Factoids

One of my colleagues from our news service stopped in yesterday to share some factoids for the Daily Deac.  He knows I am a nerdy wonk for data points, and he has a nose for tracking these kinds of details down for me.  So here are a few factoids about what some of your Deacs are doing this summer in their study abroad programs.

325 – number of students studying abroad this summer

1 out of 12 – ratio of returning students (aka not incoming first-years) who are studying abroad

63 – number of cities our Deacs are in

35 – number of countries represented

438,376 – number of miles those 325 students will travel roundtrip to their study abroad locations

7 – number of trips to the moon and back represented by that mileage

138 – number of times around the earth represented by that mileage

Many thanks to Rob Daniels for his excellent fact-finding.

Seems like a good time to resurrect something I did a few years ago – Where In the World Are Wake Foresters? If you have a picture of you/your family members/your Deac in WFU apparel while on vacation somewhere cool, and you will allow us to use it, email it to and I will periodically run them. If it is a picture of your Deac, please indicate in your email that you have your Deac’s permission to use it.  Also, please let me know if you want me to use your initials, your P’ year, etc.


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