Summer is here

And it is hot on campus – upper 80s and muggy.  Met with a family today from the Northeast and was gently reminded that the weather in NJ was going to be hotter today than in Winston-Salem.  Don’t hear that very often, do you?

There has been some kind of kids’ camp on campus this week – tons of little ones in the 7-12ish range running around in pinneys playing all sorts of sporting kinds of games on campus.  Without your students here, it is nice to have some kids around, even if they are younger ones.

Work continues on the renovation of Reynolds Gym as we push ever towards the opening of this current phase of construction.  The facade of the building has beautiful windows in and construction staff members are diligently at work every time I pass the building, it seems.  Can’t wait to see it once it is finished.

Make it a great Humpday, Deac families! Halfway through the week!



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