Monday Roundup

Just got back into town after a quick trip. Winston – like much of the East coast – has been stormy the past few days. We had a decent rain last night and it looks like there could be more to come.

For the P’17s in the Daily Deacdom, there is a message from the Office of Personal and Career Development.  Their Alumni Career Development staff has a suite of offerings for your recent grads, including an e-newsletter they should take advantage of.  We also urge the ’17s to complete their First Destination Survey, so we know where they have landed post-graduation. All those details here.

Have had several questions recently from families about ‘what can a student do with an X major?’ – to which I almost always respond “just about anything they want to!”  All of our majors require students to be able to write well and speak well and think analytically and creatively. Admittedly, as an English-French major, you don’t want me as your neurosurgeon or your engineer – I would need specialized advanced degrees for those – but with very few exceptions, most majors can get jobs in a wide variety of fields.

The OPCD ‘Explore Majors’ website can show your students where their peers with particular majors have landed in terms of companies and types of work.

If your Deac isn’t taking advantage of all the OPCD has to offer, this is a website worth exploring!

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