Funday Monday

Calling today Funday Monday because it is an exceptionally nice day on campus.  Cooler than normal – a mild and delightful 82 degrees and sunny.  Warm enough not to need a jacket, cool enough not to sweat too much if you are outside walking around campus. Altogether perfect.

Have a couple of general announcements and/or answers to questions we are getting from P’21 parents and families:

For P’18, ’19, ’20s – we made an error in the most recent Wake Parents and Families e-newsletter about when residence halls open for returning students.  That date is actually Friday, August 25th (not Saturday, August 26th) – sorry about that!

Several P’21s have asked where to find the Orientation schedule.  You can visit to download the WFU Orientation Programs app, or view it on a laptop/desktop computer or unsupported mobile device at NOTE: choose the Schedule By Tracks option and select the Parents and Families track to see parent/family Orientation programming.  Only you will know which sessions interest you and how long you want to stay in town at Orientation, but hopefully this will show you all your options so you can choose according to your family’s needs.

Also several ’21s have asked us ‘how do I know what to register for during fall class registration?”  Students can look up major requirements in the Undergraduate Bulletin (and then sign up for courses that count for divisional requirements or your major). Generally speaking, most students will take either a FYS (First Year Seminar) or WRI 111 (not both at once), their foreign language,  and then either Divisional Requirments in subjects they like or are prerequisites for an intended major. Students normally take between 12-15 credit hours each semester.  12 credit hours in a semester is considered full time, 15 credit hours a semester gets you through WFU in 4 years (as my late father always stressed to me, he saved for 4 years of college, not 4 + summer school, not 5 years, etc.)  More details for ’21s are here: As a reminder to ’21s, the Office of Academic Advising has academic counselors and student advisers who can help answer questions before registration. They can be reached at or 336.758.3320.

I’ll be headed out for New Student Receptions and it is already shaping up to be a crazy week, so this will be the only Daily Deac this week.  Back at you next Monday, Deac families!

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