A Preview of What’s to Come

It looks like Mother Nature is getting all the bad stuff out of her system today – we have a grey, drizzly day with a high of 58.  Cross your fingers, it looks better for Sunday and Monday.  Again, P’17s, keep your eye on the forecast and plan accordingly.

A few random things about Commencement:

A Deac mom sent me a copy of this article from Time Magazine about a mother’s letter to her graduating son. It’s a good read (I’m not crying – you’re crying!)

Want to feel what it is like to walk to your seats in the Processional as a graduating student? I took that walk early this morning.  Mind you, the stage won’t be covered in plastic, it will have plants and a podium and otherwise will be nicely tricked out.  But this is the view.

Similarly, want to feel what it is like to walk up to receive the diploma and look out to the crowd?  I’ve got that here.  Again, there will be carpet on the steps, a proper podium, Dr. Hatch would be on stage shaking your graduate’s hand, and when he or she looks out into the crowd, your beaming proud faces will be there.  It’s a great feeling.

Several pictures of the Quad and prep are below, including one panoramic shot (I am no Ken Bennett).

I know many of our P’17 readers will drop off the distro list shortly after Commencement, which is normal and natural.  Before you go, let me say what a privilege it was to be a part of your family’s Wake Forest experience.  Many thanks to all of you who I have never met, but who have been reading this blog for years.  You’ve allowed me to do work I love, on behalf of the greatest college parents and families in the nation.

As you prepare to graduate as a parent or family member, I’d beg your help with a few things.  Please keep telling Wake Forest’s story to your friends and neighbors with college-bound kids.  You are our best ambassadors.  Please consider hiring our graduates for jobs and internships – talk to your HR office if they aren’t looking at Wake graduates.  Please continue to support the Parents’ Campaign of the Wake Forest Fund every year; even if it is a small amount, we rely on past parents and families support as much as current.  And this one is especially important – please encourage your graduates to keep their email and address information current with Wake Forest.  We can’t send them event invitations, or the Wake Forest magazine, or invite them to local networking lunches or gamewatching parties if we still have them listed at your home address.  They can update their information with the Wake Network application link here (lots of other cool things too).

I wish you and your graduates long and happy lives post-Wake Forest.


PS – happy early Mother’s Day to all the Deac Moms, Stepmoms, Grandmas, Aunts and other special ladies.

The stage as Commencement preparations are madeLooking out from the stage onto the student seatsChairs await placement for CommencementA panoramic view from the Commencement stage

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