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Today’s Daily Deac is a guest post from Rebecca Alexander, Professor of Chemistry, Director of Academic Programming for Wake Downtown, and F.M. Kirby Family Faculty Fellow.


We have just completed our first semester at Wake Downtown! Eighteen classes met each week, including History  366 “Historic Preservation,” Education 377 “Literacy in the 21st Century,” and a First Year Seminar “The Analytical Chemistry of Sherlock Holmes.”  Students declared majors in the two new programs: in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, and Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Discovery.

Shuttles ran between Reynolda Campus and Wake Downtown every 15 minutes, and many students came to study in the sunny spaces even if they didn’t have a class there. During final exam week, we welcomed many students who had never been to Wake Downtown before – likely encouraged by presidential fellow Ash Nagar (’16), who stocked the student lounge with post-it notes, index cards, and tea bags. Downtown vendors came by with chai and frozen yogurt.

The building will be lively with research students and summer courses as well, including an “Urban Photography” class. In the fall semester, nearly 50 classes will meet at Wake Downtown. The engineering major will launch with Engineering 111; the first four Engineering faculty members have been hired and will move in during the summer. Courses in Biology, Chemistry, English, Entrepreneurship, Counseling, History, and Computer Science will also be taught.

We are excited for how this new venture will continue to grow!

Class being taught at Wake Downtown

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