This story below was sent to me by a colleague.  I have met some of the EMS students and they are an impressive bunch.  Enjoy!


Did you know that Wake Forest has its own Emergency Medical Services (EMS) team? It’s a student-run organization that received impressive news media attention in early April when it participated in a mass casualty drill at LJVM Coliseum.

The Winston-Salem Journal published a story with several photographs when the EMS team and several first responder agencies held the drill on April 1.  As the Journal story reported, “Almost all of the students participating had completed their EMT certifications and do volunteer work for Wake Forest Emergency Medical Services on campus, responding to calls for such things as allergic reactions or broken bones.”

The team responds to situations involving students, faculty, staff and visitors. At this point, it has responded to about 300 calls this academic year.

The University Police Department, the Winston-Salem Police Department, the University’s Student Health Service, the Winston-Salem Fire Department and the Forsyth County EMS joined the student-run EMS team in the drill. Wake Forest Emergency Manager August Vernon assisted the team, too.

In addition to team members’ various training activities, the team holds one large-scale mass casualty drill annually with area agencies.

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