More from my ZSR Sources

So my sources at the ZSR have come through with some pictures of what yesterday looked like during Reading Day.  You can see from the pictures below that students have been working hard and occupying all sorts of spaces in the ZSR.

I was at Shorty’s for lunch today and it was uncharacteristically empty of students; the Food Court of Benson was also sparsely populated.  It was noticeable for both the lack of bodies and the lack of ambient noise generated by lots of individual conversations.  Your Deacs have dug in for finals for sure.

Couple bright spots on the horizon.  One is my veryveryveryfavorite, the appearance of the Exam Fairies, who will bring both food and compassion to students.  Hope your Deacs see my delightfully betutued colleagues.

Wake the Library is also a perennial hit with students – and they have a handy food chart so your students can plan their late night studying to coincide with a favorite of theirs.  And there is also yoga in the ZSR for decompressing.

Slay those finals dragons, my Deacs!  You can do it!



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