Well, darn

Hope your Deacs are having a great Spring Break – and if they are home, that you have successfully scaled what I refer to as “Laundry Mountain” (or the pile of dirty clothes students always seem to bring home with them).

Well, our run in the ACC Tournament came to an end lastnight with a loss to a very good VA Tech team.  If you did not see Greg McClinton’s crazy shot to end the first half, this is one for the ages.

If you are new to Wake Forest sports, do not be downcast about the fact that we are out of the ACC Tourney.  This team is going to do great things.  We are playing in arguably the best basketball conference in the country.  We have a still new-ish coach and some new players.  But there is fight and fire in them, and a ton of talent.  (And John Collins, if you are reading this, pleasepleaseplease return for next year. Your game is at Beastmode level and we need that).

Back on campus, I took a few shots earlier in the week of the Quad.  Trees are blooming, and there are these tiny oblong cylinders of dirt everywhere.  That’s the Quad being aerated for new seed, so the grass is perfect for Commencement.

And if you check the 5 day forecast, you will see that we have a chance of snow this weekend.  I know many Deacs will be traveling back here so just keep an eye out and urge them to make safe decisions.

Aerating the Quad grassAn empty Quad on Spring BreakBlooming shrubs on the Quad

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