Spring Break!

I will probably only post a couple of times this week, Deac families, because it is Spring Break and your kids are gone.  Always know when it is break: suddenly parking is easy peasy 🙂

For those of you who have enjoyed hearing about continuing ed opportunities, there is a conference coming up later this month that might be of interest.  It will be livestreamed (and likely available for viewing later if you can’t tune in as it happens,) but it looks pretty fascinating.  Details below.

Beyond Being
Frontiers in Consciousness Research: Science, Spirituality and Wellness

Why do so many cultures speak of body, mind, and soul as different from each other? When our physical life ends, does our consciousness end as well?

Leading researchers in the fields of perceptual studies and neurobiology will explore narratives of past-life and near-death experiences. They will explore the profound long-term impacts of these experiences and discuss the emerging research into a post-mortem existence.

Invited scientists and thought leaders will explore the intersection of contemplative sciences, spirituality, and wellness while discussing the powerful effects of mindfulness meditation and other cognitive approaches in pain management, healing and related outcomes.

Beyond Being conference poster

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