The Body Project

The University Counseling Center shared news of a new initiative that might be of interest to your daughters:

“Wake Forest has a group of Student Mental Health Ambassadors who serve as resources and liaisons to the campus community.  The Student Mental Health Ambassadors have been trained in the Body Project and are planning to deliver the program with first-year women this month.

The Body Project is  an evidenced based, peer-led eating disorder prevention program that focuses on body acceptance and reducing adherence to the idea that ‘thinner is better.’ The program explores common beauty ideals and the costs of those ideals.  The program is done in two 2-hour segments held a week apart (there are homework activities between session one and two). This is the registration link for any women who are interested in attending (Registration is necessary to ensure group size is appropriate.)  While this is targeted to first-year women, any female-identified WFU is welcomed to join.  The available dates are below:

 Monday Feb. 13th and Monday Feb. 20th 4-6 p.m.

 Tuesday Feb. 14th and Tuesday Feb. 21st 4-6 p.m.

 Wednesday Feb. 15th and Wednesday February 22 4-6 p.m.”

This program could be a wonderful way for young ladies to have a healthy body image – and perhaps to meet some new friends along the way in a safe, supported environment.

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