Five quick impressions

Busy day today, so here are five quick impressions of things I saw or heard while on the Quad shortly after lunch.

Yellow ribbons on trees.  This week is Tie A Yellow Ribbon week, which is a week dedicated to sexual assault awareness.  Read more here.

Faculty or staff spending a bit of their lunch breaks taking a walk outside while the weather is nice.

There is a breeze today – can be a bit on the crisp side, but not as blustery as a couple of days ago.

Ta view from the Quad Camhe sun has been coming and going. It’s one of those days where you aren’t sure if you really need your sunglasses or not.  Ever-changing light.

Students going in and out of the Subway on the Quad.  I’d be curious to know just how many sandwiches get made in a day.  They always seem like there is someone in line.

And a Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our Deac families!  We love that you are a part of our lives at Wake Forest!  And if you haven’t sent your Deac a valentine today, you can send a Deacon Greeting.

PS – so, the #WFUSleepinDeacon challenge…still plugging away at it. Am finding that avoiding the TV during bedtime is the worst. Hope I can hang in there.  Good luck to any of our Deac families participating in your home areas!


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