Couple Quick Things

Three quick things today.

Wake Forest chemistry professor Bruce King teaches the first meeting of his organic chemistry class in the new Wake Downtown facility on Tuesday, January 10, 2017.1. Got my first glimpse (not live, in photo form) of students in class at Wake Downtown.  This is Dr. King teaching Organic Chemistry (a tough class, or so I hear.) Great to see Wake Downtown in action!

2. A program note: for students who are highly analytical and have interest in grad school, Wake has a phenomenal new Masters of Science in Business Analytics program.  I am not a math person myself, but my [admittedly limited] understanding is that this links to how to take “big data” – the info that is generated when you use your grocery store swipe card (or loyalty cards at other stores) – and analyze the consumer data.  More info here: 1-25-17-msba_wfu-information-session-flier and 1-25-17-wake-forest-msba-2016-17-program-brochure-1

3. And I need to make a correction to yesterday’s Daily Deac re: the academic summer programs.  I found out late yesterday that we do in fact offer several residential programs in Winston-Salem as well (Medicine, Business, Biosciences & Engineering, and Sports Medicine, along with the Academic Discovery program).  Please look into those if they would be of interest to your high schooler(s) – details here.

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